Baltic Amber Jewellery

Amber: the Jurassic gem

Dinosaurs have been more popular than ever since their starring role in the film Jurassic Park. A more surprising result of the film’s popularity has been a worldwide surge in demand for amber jewellery. Although amber’s use in adornment is probably as old as mankind itself, in recent times it has had a limited market. Of course, that was before millions of people saw dinosaur DNA extracted from a mosquito trapped in amber in the film.

Millions of people learned from the film that amber, which is fossilised pine tree resin, is ancient and valuable, like an antique from history.

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Handmade Baltic Amber Jewellery by Laima Varnytė

Born in Latvia and living between Latvia and Lithuania during her early teens, Laima Varnytė, has an artistic blend of the rich cultural heritage of Latvia and Lithuania in her works of arts. A bit camera shy, and smiling often, she shared some of her early life experiences with the founders on our Bobbelia, and, having found a true Artist in her, we pride to market her Handmade Baltic Amber Jewellery, which she handcrafts ‘exclusively’ for our Bobbelia luxury fashion store.

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SOBTI ™ Handmade Italian Leather Essentials

SOBTI ™ 100% Handmade Italian Leather Essentials for Men and Women, Executive and Casual Bags, wallets, smart-phone case, wrist-watch strap and eye-wear “EXCLUSIVELY MADE FOR YOU’ on orders, made using the finest Italian leather bought from tanneries registered with the Italian Leather Consortium, and handmade buckles Made in Italy by Paolo Lapini, are truly an authentic and quality collections of Leather goods Made by Mohinder Pal Singh Sobti

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