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Sobti handmade Italian leather 'Casual Runner Bag' - colour Black

Mohinder Sobti

Sobti handmade Italian leather 'Casual Runner Bag' - colour Black


sku # MS1021
Price: Euro 495,00 
Bag size: 23cm x 33cm x 9cm 
Belt size: 120cm

Sobti 100% handmade Italian leather bag, casual runner, colour black. This bag has one section, meaning, one pocket, which can fit in an Apple MacBook Air 11" together with smart-phone, wallet and other essentials such as charger, keys and such essentials which we carry with us every day. 

Please make a note: This bag is handmade by artist Mohinder Sobti. No part of the bag is made by machine or even the finishing done by any machines, therefore, you may find some uneven stitching or even some rough finishing too, since this is one unique authentic piece of handmade art. Only finest Italian made accessories such as handmade buckle, the finest cotton waxed threads and, quality Italian leather from tanneries who are members with Genuine Italian Vegetable – Tanned Leather Consortium are used in the making of this bag. 

Estimate delivery time around 9 - 12 business days


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