Sobti Handmade Italian Leather ‘Men’s Executive Essentials Set’ – Style: MPSS-104-1


Handmade Italian Leather Executive Essentials Set for Men who strongly believe in authentic and quality fashion lifestyle. “Exclusively Made for You”

A set of Handmade Italian Leather Executive Bag, Executive Wallet, Business Card Case, Smart-phone case and, Wrist-Watch Strap


Handmade Italian leather Men’s Executive Essentials Set ‘Exclusively Made for You’
Available colours: Black, Dark Brown & Tan

Made with soft leather, sourced from tanneries who are members with the Italian leather consortium and hand-stitched with finest Italian cotton waxed thread. This set has a collection of;

i. Executive Bag (size 33cm x 23cm x 9cm – made to order); Our Bag has one large section, meaning, one pocket, which can easily take in an Apple MacBook Air 11′, along with other essentials such as a charger, smart-phone, wallet, car-keys, scarf, compact camera, A4 size file and the like. This model does not include a belt for the Bag, however, this can be made ‘Exclusively Made for You’ for an extra cost of Euro 60 belt size 100cm.

ii. Smart-phone case;  This model is made with 2 layers to craft the smartphone case and this fits in for an Apple iPhone 6S plus.

You are welcome to have a custom made smartphone case. All you need to do is, share the details of your smartphone, model, name and even better the dimensions too. This will enable us to craft a smartphone case which will suit your needs. We will make sure to have it made a bit bigger, that will help you to put-in and pull-out your smartphone at ease, especially when in hurry. And its always better to have a size bigger.

iii. Executive Wallet; It has one large section for currencies (can take in both Euros and or US Dollars). There are two pockets which are large enough to squeeze in some documents & maybe other such essentials and or even business cards. Above these pockets, are layers with sections especially for credit cards. This design can take around 8-12 or maybe even more credit cards (and the section below the cards can also squeeze in cards and or other documents as such).

iv. Business card case; First we had to carry just business cards, and then, we started carrying credit cards and now, we have so many cards to carry with us! Apart from the business cards and credit cards, we may have; cards such as air-miles, airlines, hotel memberships, shopping cards, and the list can go on and on. So here is a sample of our credit card and or business card case. This model can take in a lot of cards, maybe around 50 or even more business cards and some 10-12 or even more credit cards. So now we can actually carry all our cards together.

v. Wrist-watch strap; This model, we used 1 long piece of leather, folded into 2 layers and hand-stitched using the finest Italian waxed cotton thread. On the bracelet, we’ve stitched a section which is designed to hold your wrist-watch from case size 40mm to 44mm. No other materials other than leather, were used for the making of this strap. Therefore, if you see carefully, its thick, but not stiff. This design gives a rough-and-tough look or the rugged kind of look, and blends well with especially those large size watches. The buckle is made of metal though it has a antique brass look and it is handmade in Florence, Italy

Since this is handmade hence you will see some raw or rough finishing and un-even stitching too

You are also welcome to have your initials stamped on the bag and other accessories. Please make a note: Initials are hammered on the leather.

i. This is a 100% handmade Italian leather creation by artist Mohinder Sobti, founder no part of the creations are made by machine, even the finishing is made by hand, therefore, you might see some un-even stitches, and rough finishing too.
ii. This is not a mass produced creation, selected few are made for samples and the rest are ‘Exclusively Made for You’ on orders. Therefore, please check the estimate delivery time for this creation before you may confirm your order.
iii. Sobti Handmade Italian Leather Essentials is a theme, which promotes the concept of ‘Exclusively Made for You’ for your needs, therefore, you are welcome to email us to let us know your needs and we shall try and work on the same. Our e-mail is:
iv. Estimate delivery time for ‘Exclusively Made for You’ orders take around 7-9 business days in Europe
v. Estimate delivery time for countries outside Europe could be around 9-12 business days. And 1 month after delivery, 21% VAT collected on the order will be refunded as a Bobbelia shopping coupon, which can be used with your next shopping with us to redeem your discount.
vi. We, Hagardhs B.V. are a family owned company, working from our studio in Amsterdam, in The Netherlands with a partial stock point close to Warsaw, in Poland. We have offered the finest discount on Our Collections, thus, offering you competitive prices. Hence, we do not offer returns and refunds, unless, we ship wrong items. For more questions and or queries, please see our Orders and Deliveries section or email us at:

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 40 × 30 × 20 cm


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