SOBTI handmade Italian leather bracelet – Colour Tan


Handmade Italian leather Bracelet for Men/Women ‘Exclusively Made For You’

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Handmade Italian leather bracelet, made from the finest Italian leather sourced from tanneries who are registered with the Italian leather consortium.

For this model, we used 1 long piece of leather, folded into 2 layers and hand stitched using Italian cotton waxed thread. It has a rough and rugged finishing, and is very durable. The buckle is made from metal, though it has a antique brass look and is handmade in Florence, in Italy.

You are welcome to have a custom made bracelet for you. Available colours: Black, Dark brown and Tan.


i. This is a 100% handmade Italian leather bracelet by artist Mohinder Sobti, no part of the creations are made by machine, even the finishing is made by hand, therefore, you might see some un-even stitches, and rough finishing too.
ii. This is not a mass produced creation, selected few are made for samples and the rest are ‘Exclusively Made for You’ on orders. Therefore, please check the estimate delivery time for this creation.
iii. Estimate delivery time for ‘Exclusively Made for You’ orders take around 7-9 business days
iv. Sobti Handmade Italian Leather Essentials is a theme, which promotes the concept of ‘Exclusively Made for You’ for your needs, therefore, you are welcome to email us to let us know your needs and we shall try and work on the same. Our e-mail is:


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