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Privilege Club

Luxury fashion has seeped into every sphere of our consumer society; it has become the norm to aspire towards not only owning products from exclusive brands but also become part of our lifestyle or our fashion icon. Gone are the days when luxury fashion was just for the rich and elite only. Today, the desire and the freedom to express oneself, is further heightened by affordable and available brands with high quality products from young designers, who team together with young entrepreneurs, to create and bring designs which present class and elegance together with style and fashion.

Understanding these facts and, having a flair for fashion, yet often squeezed between budgeting for essentials and at times craving for a lavish lifestyle, we founded our Bobbelia with a goal to source authentic and quality products from manufacturers and bring it straight to those who adore and want to live their life with their style.

We are a luxury fashion store and the reason we call it as ‘My luxury fashion store’ is because when you read it, we want you to feel it that its yours. And to make you believe that we really adore your being part of our family, we further enhance our offer, and, we urge you to be part of our family, with our Privilege Club.

Our Privilege Club is designed with a goal to reward you for your purchases. Therefore, the more you shop with us, the more benefits you get. There are no forms to sign or any contracts to maintain. We monitor your purchases throughout and, during the month of November, each year, just before when we are getting ready to plan for our Christmas shopping and holidays, we send out your very special Privilege Club rewards to you, which you can use to shop in our store and pride in your Christmas shoppings. Its that simple and with all due respect to You.

You are also welcome to share your feedbacks and suggestions, so that, together, we learn and develop. And as we develop, we share our achievements together with You. After all, it’s “My luxury fashion store’