About Us

Bobbelia was founded as a platform to provide Artists and Designers to retail their works of creative arts in fashion, thus, offering authentic, unique and quality fashion goods, to those, who believe that – “We are all born originals and deserve to pamper ourselves with some fine authentic wear” – a slogan from the founders of Bobbelia and now our marketing theme as well.

Artists and Designers first have the challenge to work on crafting some fine unique creative works of arts. And then, its even more challenging to market their own creations. Especially with internet becoming a social tool, easily available and widely used. We at Bobbelia believe that, an Artist and Designer is best when working with crafting their creative arts, than when they have to squeeze themselves to work on their own marketing, advertising and publicity campaigns and strive to sell their own creations. So we at Bobbelia do all the marketing, advertising and publicity for our Artists and Designers and we also take care of all the sales and promotions as well. So that, our Artists and Designers work with what they are best with, handcrafting their fine creative arts.

Over time, we developed our Bobbelia to carry authentic and quality fashion goods. Thus, further enhancing our offer mix, for shoppers who have believed in our vision, ever since our foundation during Spring of 2016. Thanks to each and every person who has shopped with us and motivated us to work with our goals. Our goal is to provide authentic and quality fashion goods to our esteemed shoppers. We operate simple, by keeping our operating costs low, thus, being able to design a competitive price offer and, most importantly, we buy straight from the Artists and Designers and or manufacturers, especially, with regards to our collections of Swiss Made Watches.

Our collections of Swiss Watches, are brands from respected family owned companies who have been crafting Swiss Watches since decades and are registered with the Swiss Watch Federation, thus, ensuring the finest Swiss Made Watches for Men and Women. Therefore, all our Swiss Made Watches are authentic, and most importantly original and carry all the warranties and guaranties from the company who manufacture those. 

We do not sell, trade and or supply any used and or fake products. We never did that in the past and we will never do that in the future either. We still believe making money the old fashion way; “we work hard for it

Bobbelia.com is an eShop from Hagardhs B.V. a private limited company registered with the chamber of commerce in The Netherlands with kvk # 55812058 and VAT # NL 851869580B01 and our mailing address is; Postbus 22018 Amsterdam Zuidoost 1100CA The Netherlands. E-mail: bobbeliaeu@hagardhs.com Work phone: +31 20 894 3282 Mobile/Viber/Google Duo +31 639 074 412 and Skype: hagardhs 

The fact that we are transparent with our approach should prove that, we pride to offer original, authentic and quality products. 

ARTISTS & DESIGNERS are welcome to work with us
Please email us and tell us about yourself, and your works of arts. We shall get back to you within 2-3 business days and, upon our mutual agreement, we shall cooperate to work with you. We, at Bobbelia shall do all the marketing, advertising and publicity for you and your creative arts, and, we shall also retail your creations, while you sit back and continue to craft your arts for us and our shoppers. 

BOUTIQUES are welcome to partner with our creations
For trade related enquiries with regards to Our Collections for your Country; please e-mail us a brief on your business venture plans along with your contact details and your present business activities and we shall get back to you within 2-3 business days to discuss how best we can team and cooperate together to develop our business.